Busting 6 Of the Most Believable Bra Myths

If you have a set of boobs, it’s likely that you will have heard a myth or two about wearing bras in your lifetime! Everyone has a theory on bra etiquette; when you should wear certain types of lingerie, where you should wear it, who to wear it for... 

Here at Souszy we want our girl gang to feel confident about their intimates, not misled. So, let’s get back to basics and bust six of the most believable bra myths.


#1. Sleeping Your Bra Will Harm or Help Your Breasts 

Rumours about whether you should sleep with or without a bra have been flying around for years now. Some claim that sleeping with a bra will prevent sagging, whilst others argue sleeping with a bra can actually be worse for you. The truth is that sleeping with a bra on is harmless, whilst sagging is a genetic or natural occurrence that happens as you get older or endure childbirth—whether you wear a bra to sleep has little to do with it.


#2. A Good Bra Will Last a Lifetime

Another myth about bras is that they never have to be thrown out. Sadly, all lingerie has an indefinite best-by date. However, this can fluctuate depending on the quality and use of the garment as well as the level of care. If you look after your lace lingerie properly, you can definitely extend its life expectancy.


#3. White Bras Are Best for White T-Shirts

For reasons unknown, women have been duped into thinking that white underwear works best under white clothing. However, the best remedy for a VPL (visible panty line) is a fantastic set of nude or bare underwear.


#4. You’re The Same Bra Size at Every Lingerie Store

Having the same bra size at every lingerie store would save everyone a lot of time and confusion. However, sizes in this industry vary widely, so it’s important to be familiar with your measurements so you can find the right fit in every brand. If you’re not sure where to start, check out our blog post on how to find the right bra size.


#5. The Cups or Straps Support Your Boobs

Although they hug your ta-tas, the cups and the straps aren’t actually the most supportive part of a bra; it’s really the band that fits around your rib cage! This is where a large majority of the breast weight is distributed, which is why tightening or loosening the bra clasp can help offer the perfect support.


#7. Underwire Bras Are Never Comfortable

If there’s any bra with a bad reputation in the lingerie sector, it’s the underwire bra. Sure, if you’re wearing the wrong size, any bra can be uncomfortable. But if an underwire bra fits you right, there’s no reason it should hurt. On the contrary, it should offer stellar shape and support.

All in all, it’s up to you how and when you wear your bras. We hope this article has cleared up some common misunderstandings in the world of lingerie.

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