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Article: The Art of Gifting Lingerie

The Art of Gifting Lingerie

With Feb 14th fast approaching, many lovers face the daunting task of choosing the right lingerie for their chosen someone to celebrate the occasion. This year, as part of our Fall In Love With You campaign at Souszy, we're exploring the intimate and thoughtful gesture of buying lingerie for someone special. This guide is here to navigate the nuances of such a personal gift, ensuring it's as much about self-love and comfort as it is about romance.

Lingerie is incredibly intimate and personal, so when buying it for someone else there are a few things to consider to ensure you hit the right notes.

Understanding Comfort and Preference

  • Key to Thoughtfulness: Understanding your partner's preferences is a profound act of love. Lingerie is intimate and personal; hence, it's vital to consider what they find comfortable and appealing.
  • Discreet Discovery: The best place to start is considering what they already have in their wardrobe. The colours, shades and cuts of clothing that a woman keeps are a good indication of what makes her feel beautiful. Does she wear dresses that accentuate her décolletage? Cuts that show off her curves? Observing her style choices on special occasions will tell you what makes her feel beautiful.

Sizing: The Foundation of a Perfect Fit

  • The Size Matters: Sizing in lingerie is crucial. Gifting a perfectly sized piece shows attentiveness and care for her experience of the gift.
  • Finding the Right Size: Luckily choosing the perfect size is easier than it seems! Check the size of her current favourites, then look up the sizing guides for those brands online. Most brand websites have extensive information about their sizing including measurements for bust, waist and cup. This will ensure you have the exact measurements that you can use to choose the right fit in any brand. Still feeling overwhelmed? Most good lingerie stores (like Souszy!) will offer personalised assistance matching the right fit.

Style Selection: A Reflection of Their Personality

  • Diverse Styles for Diverse Personalities: From elegant and understated to bold and adventurous, lingerie styles can reflect various aspects of your partner’s personality. Selecting a style, colour and fabric that suits her personality, tastes and preferences is the perfect reflection of how intimately you know her.
  • Choosing with Empathy: Selecting a style that not only looks good but feels right for the person wearing it. Is she a romantic type that prefers delicate lace and floral prints? Does she like to be a little daring with bold patterns and revealing cuts? Or perhaps understated elegance is more her style, favouring subtle satins in timeless designs. Our tip: her selection of jewellery is often a good indicator of her taste. Jewellery that is simple and elegant suggests a taste for timeless lingerie cuts in traditional colours and high quality fabrics, while bold, statement jewels could suggest a preference for lingerie that's more colourful or racy.

Quality Over Quantity

  • Invest in Luxury: High-quality lingerie is not just a gift; it's an experience. Most women have experienced the awkward discomfort of wearing poor quality lingerie. Not only is it physically uncomfortable - did someone say fabric burn?! - but it makes the wearer feel less than flattered and certainly not confident or sexy. Choosing premium pieces with quality fabrics and flattering cuts ensures that your gift is received how it's intended - as a way to empower her to feel loved and worthy.
  • The Souszy Promise: At Souszy, our commitment to quality, beautiful and timeless lingerie has us scour the globe for lingerie collections that meet our high standards. We are on standby to help you select the perfect gift this Valentine's Day, send us an email for personalised recommendations that fit within your budget.

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