How to Check You Have the Right Bra Size and Why It’s Important

"If your cup is half full, you need a new bra" 

Let’s face it, sometimes bras can cop a bad reputation; it’s always a relief when you get home, undo your bra, and let the girls hang free, right? However, if you can relate to all of the above, it’s probably because you’re not wearing the right bra size.

Studies show that eight out of ten women wear the wrong bra size. I think we've all been guilty of neglecting to get our size regularly measured, letting the same bra do the work day in day out. But bras need days off too, people!


Over the years our bodies do change, be it due to age, hormones, making gains at the gym or cutting your own bangs impulsively during quarantine... The point is, you should always check you have the right bra size.

Wearing the wrong bra size isn’t just painful, it can also cause a wide range of health issues like back pain or poor posture. We love all boobs equally here, but if premature sagging is something you're worried about then add that to the list, too.

Tell-tale signs that you’re wearing a size too small includes spillage over the cup and over-raised bands. The middle part of your bra should always sit comfortably on your ribcage—not too loose but not too tight either.  

You may have simply adjusted the straps too tightly or clasped the bra too tensely. Either way, the best thing you can do is re-measure your breasts and make sure you are wearing the correct bra size. We sound like a broke record here, but it's because we care!

Three components make up a bra size: your band size, your bust size, and your cup size. First thing's first, grab your measuring tape and pop on an unpadded bra before you start measuring. 

Band Size

Your band size is measured by wrapping the measuring tape directly under your bust and across your back. Make sure you keep the tape parallel to the floor and round down to the nearest inch. That’s your band size! 


Bust Size 

The next part you will need to measure is your bust size. Take the measuring tape and snugly place it across the fullest part of your chest. Once again, make sure the measuring tape is parallel to the ground and, this time, you should round up to the nearest inch.


Cup Size

Finally, the cup size is the measurement that most people tend to get wrong. This isn’t entirely because of the measurements, it’s also because cup sizes can differ significantly across manufacturers. They just have to make it difficult for us...

The easiest way to calculate your cup size is by subtracting your band measurement from your bust measurement. In other words, bust - band = cup.  

If the difference is one inch, your cup size is an A. If the difference is two inches, your cup size is a B. If the difference is three inches, your cup size is a C, so on and so forth.

Once you’ve got the tricky stuff out of the way, you can get to the fun part; shopping!

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