Undercover with Natalie Roser of Rose & Bare

How do you make basic, nude underwear sexy? A question very few would know the answer to, so we went to the expert - Natalie Roser!

Natalie Roser is the creative mind behind Rose & Bare, Australian Fashion Model and all-round beautiful person from the inside, out. 
After 5 years of R&D, Rose & Bare prove that basic does not have to be boring. They are nude specialists that make our staples sexy through the design of bras and underwear that make the wearer feel comfortable, supported, sexy and most of all considered. Rose & Bare is the first brand specialising in nude bras and underwear to join the comfort club and we're so thrilled for Souszy to become their first major reseller! Woo! 
Take a look below, we got intimate with Natalie about how she started Rose & Bare, the process of selecting the perfect nude shades, directing and modelling on the very first Rose & Bare campaign and more!
We fell in love with your brand since your launch in May 2019 and we're thrilled to now stock Rose & Bare on Souszy! How did the idea of Rose & Bare come to life?

Thank you so much! The idea came to me many years ago when I noticed that the 'nude' underwear available in Australian stores didn't come close to my skin tone and there are a number of Aussie women with a similar colouring to me. I was working as a model and the underwear that was meant to be invisible never was. My idea was further encouraged when I found that a friend of mine who is an Australian Sudanese model, was having to wear black as her nude underwear. I was unaware that there were no nude options for women of colour. So I decided it was time to solve that problem.

How long from idea to execution did it take to create the 5 Rose & Bare styles?

5 years! I hit a lot of speed bumps, self doubt, physical manufacturing challenges and had to learn about everything as I went along. I do feel very lucky though, as the slow burn has meant that I have a product that I'm incredibly proud of.

Like a true 'Nude' specialist you have a nude shade for everyone, which you have nailed! Was it a complex process in choosing the correct colour for each shade?

It definitely was a tough decision to narrow down the colours to just 4. It was a process of trying to cover as many women as possible on the start up budget. I spent a lot of time on market research and colour testing against friends and family to find tones that complemented a majority, but also were beautiful colours in their own right. I actually love wearing the colours that aren't my 'nude'. They're all so pretty, even if they don't match my skin.

What has been one of your biggest learning lessons since starting Rose & Bare?

That you need to have people around you to help you on the journey of a start-up business. People to talk through ideas, manage crises, aid in the labour and problem solving. It was scary and stressful taking this on solo, which is why I brought my Mum in to Rose & Bare. She's the operational side - all the logistics and numbers, while I'm the creative force. Having that team environment was essential for me to get to where we are today.

You have everyday essential bras and bottoms covered. What are your top 3 best sellers?

Top three would be the Little G in #3 shade and #2 shade and our Strapless in #3! Complete wardrobe essentials and our women are loving the underwire free comfort of our strapless, and invisibility of the Little G!
You've done hundreds of photoshoots but I'm sure nothing would have compared to being in a photoshoot for your own brand! What was this like? Where did your first R&B shoot take place?

It was surreal. I shot the first campaign on the Northern Beaches at this amazing house. I remember buzzing all day. It was the first shoot I'd done where I was modelling but also being a creative director, producing and trying to keep everyone happy and on track! I was exhausted. It was such an amazing shoot and the whole team really pulled together to create the feeling of the brand.


It's so amazing to see you going from strength to strength both in Australia & your new home town of LA. Could you please give us an insight into how you got started within the Modelling industry?

I started modelling when I was 13. I entered a modelling competition through Girlfriend Magazine, and that lead me to signing with my agency who still take care of my work today! I was very fortunate to be able to continue to study at school and university before deciding to commit to a move to Sydney from Newcastle after I graduated. This moved allowed me to allocate more time to modelling and turned it from a hobby to a career.

The Souszy and Rose & Bare brand are aligned in that we both want women to feel comfortable and empowered in their own skin everyday. When do you feel your most comfortable?

For me comfort comes from my family. I am definitely at my most comfortable at my home with my loved ones. No one knows me like my family and my partner, so I find myself switching off my filter and being 100% myself.

Can we expect any new collections in the coming months?

YES! Butterflies in the tummy! I'm so excited. I've been slowing working on perfecting the next collection for Rose & Bare, and with a bit of a COVID-19 hiccup, we should be starting to see these come in over the next few months.

Last but not least, with everyone staying home, we know you like to Netflix and chill! What Netflix series are you currently watching in your down time?

Money Heist! I love it so much. We've turned off the English dubbing (which is a must if you're going to watch) so we're hoping that we are also improving our Spanish! It's a spectacular series on Netflix.