Undercover with NICO Founder Lis Harvey

Minimalist, ethical and really comfortable are the three words used to describe NICO, and they are one of the latest high quality basics and underwear brand to join Souszy! 

As you know, we love to share a story behind each of the different brands we sell, and today is all about NICO. The NICO Underwear range features clean lines, luxe fabrics and the styles and colours needed for the everyday. Founder of NICO, Lisa Harvey provides us with an insight into how NICO started, supply chain transparency, new collections and what makes for the perfect underwire bra


Since 2012 you've been creating high-quality basics and underwear, could you please give us an insight into how your brand started?

I really felt like there was a gap in the market for underwear that was simple, but well cut and made from amazing materials. I wanted to challenge the idea of what was sexy and to put forward an alternative that spoke to ideas of being comfortable, both in the underwear and in your own skin!

How did you come up with the name NICO?

It's a reference to the late german model and singer Nico, who was a real free spirit who did things her own way. These were qualities that really resonated with the ideas I had for the brand.


We love your open-ness with the materials you use and the NICO makers, why was this important for you to be fully transparent with your customers?

With transparency comes accountability. For too long the fashion industry has hidden this side of the workflow and as a result, many have suffered. Consumers are much more aware of these issues than they used to be and it's the responsibility of all brands to provide evidence that their supply chain is fair and safe for all involved.

We're excited for the new Plant Dyed range you have coming end of May, what was the inspiration behind this collection?

It was through our production manager in India that we met a really talented group of artisan plant dyers. They are so skilled and completely dedicated to removing chemicals from the supply chain. It's such a pleasure to work with people who are so like-minded and together we have created some beautiful colours!

We're now stocking both the black and white bra's, and they seem to be a hot seller with all your customers! What design features were important to you when creating the perfect underwire bra?

It's really about finding that balance between comfort and support. We have honed the design of this bra to maximise comfort by using the softest fabrics and minimising trimmings, but the underwires still provide lift and support. The bras are made from Tencel Modal which is a closed-loop fibre extracted from naturally grown beechwood trees. It's renowned not only for its environmental credentials but also for it's softness!

You can shop the NICO range of Underwire Bra's by clicking here