Undercover with Sleepy Dee

In recent months, our work-from-home outfit has mainly been made up by the Sleepy Dee collection of sleepwear! I mean, who wouldn't want to work from home in Mulberry Silk or Organic Bamboo sleepwear sets? Especially when they could pass as a 'night-out-on-the-town' outfit. 

We sit down with the Sleepy Dee team to learn more about the beginnings of the Brisbane based sleepwear brand and an insight into the importance of the sustainable materials used. 

There's no hiding that we love the Sleepy Dee brand. Could you share with us how the idea of Sleepy Dee came about?

Sleepy Dee was born from a desire to create luxurious, handmade sleepwear that make the wearer feel beautiful. The garments are ethically crafted in Brisbane, in a solar powered building, where every effort is made to reduce our environmental footprint.

Having only launched in 2019, what has the response from customers been like, and what styles have been your top sellers?

Customers are loving the simple elegance of the designs and the luxe feel of the fabrics. Our best seller has been the Bamboo Felicity Robe and our pure Mulberry silk hair accessories. Not only are they delightful additions to your outfits, but they also make great gifts!

The Sleepy Dee ranges consist of silk & bamboo, could you please provide our customers with an insight into why these materials are perfect for sleepwear?

Both of these fabrics offer a wide range of benefits, especially suited to sleepwear. Not only are they comfortable and breathable, they are also hypoallergenic and have thermoregulating properties. This means they keep you cool in Summer, and warm in Winter. Silk offers additional beautifying benefits - it doesn't absorb as much moisture as cotton, meaning that your hair and skin treatments are more likely to absorb better instead of transferring to your pillow. Silk offers anti-static and anti-aging benefits, causing no friction to the hair or skin while you sleep. Meaning that you wake up with smoother hair and smoother skin, now that's what we call beauty sleep!

Can we expect to see any new Sleepy Dee ranges this year? If so could you give any hints on what you're working on.

We have just launched a brand new, beautiful white bamboo collection, perfect for floating around in at home! We are always dreaming up new ideas... so stay tuned for things to come.