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Article: Undercover with Elle Baillieu

Undercover with Elle Baillieu

Where do we even start! We're so excited to go undercover with the talented, funny, beautiful girl that is Eleanor Baillieu. For those who don't know Elle, she is one of the Founders of the movement Empty Esky which was started in January to help Australian Bush Fire effected towns. She is also a model (featured in our Souszy videos), photographer and all-round legend.

We sit down with Elle to talk about Empty Esky from idea to execution and how we can all get involved, how she got started in the modelling industry and with photography, her tips for building self confidence, being grounded, and so much more. 

Elle you’re are an absolute beauty both inside and out and we’re so proud to be hearing about the amazing movement you’ve started called ‘Empty Esky’. Could you please give our readers an overview on what Empty Esky Is?

Have you met yourselves!? Such beautiful humans you are!! Empty Esky is a movement to support local businesses affected by the Australian bushfires, the Empty Esky campaign encourages everyone to grab an Empty Esky and head on a road trip to communities impacted by fire. It’s so important we look after our local economy and tourism industry. And we can do that by heading out on the road on day trips, weekends or extended and shopping local and staying local!


You didn’t have long from the idea to execution as the severity and impact of the Australian bushfires happened so fast and continues to do so. How did this idea come about? 

It's crazy how quickly it came out. Erin, Elise and I love food and we love to travel. We also come from international development backgrounds so with inspiration from all over social media and the things everyone was doing we thought lets focus on the recovery and get a bit of a group together with our esky. Who knew 48 hours later it would have taken by the Australian community. Now there are Empty Eskys out on the road everywhere supporting fire impacted towns. 


What has the response been like since starting Empty Esky? 

The response has been incredible. We never expected to see such a positive reaction on social media - typically these days huge response on social media comes from negative or celebrity things. So its great to see such huge organic growth from the Australian community rallying together to do their part. It is also providing the businesses with hope that they can make their bills, that they can stay open, all due to the fact people are coming back!

How can we all get involved? 

There are two simple ways to help out - sharing the pledge on your social media platforms that you will head out on the road with your Empty Esky and go to a fire impacted town and fill your esky up with everything you want! And then just getting out there and doing it :)

Last year we were lucky enough to have your face (and butt) as the hero of our Souszy video campaign and you were an absolute dream to work with! How did you get started in the modelling industry?  

Such a fun day!! I started modelling in year 11 (2011). But have been on and off since then, as life gets in the way and I love to travel and work. The best thing about modelling though is meeting new people and being able to have a creative outlet. You put yourself into a head space and you feel what you are doing. And when everything is executed from start to finish it really feels special to be apart off. 

What are your 3 tips on building self-confidence?

  • Be comfortable in what you’re wearing. Beauty/fashion is pain - should not be a thing!! When you’re comfortable you’re at your best. 
  • Take 5 minutes for yourself to reflect on something positive you’ve done for the week. I’m realistic about this, as some people say you should do it everyday. But reality is, some days are not all positive! And if you’re having a moment like that, it can be hard to think. So make sure you do it once a week. Makes a world of difference!!
  • Surround yourself with people who support you and encourage you to be your best. 
  • DOGS!!!! (I know you said 3, but dogs are the best)

Last year you were a part of the Miss Universe competition. Could you give us an insight into what your experience was like at the event? 

A whirlwind!!  A great way to meet new girls and make friends from all around Australia. I always knew I loved public speaking, but the program cemented that for me. It also made me very proud of the accomplishments I have achieved and helped me recognise the own things I’ve done in my life and that I am happy I have a go at everything. My most irrational fear is having regrets, and therefore I love to try a bit of everything to see what I enjoy and don’t. 

What we love most about you is how down to earth and funny you are! In a very competitive industry, how do you stay grounded?

By trying to not conform to what everyone else wants and expects - it makes me uncomfortable and i’m all about being comfortable - that’s why Souszy undies are the best ;)

What do you like to do to unwind?

Watch Greys Anatomy whilst eating sushi - Yep I’m aware that’s super specific. Otherwise I’ll be on the beach!!

Model: Tahliah Prince Captured by: Elle Baillieu

Ontop of leading the way for the Empty Esky movement and modelling we can also find you behind the camera taking amazing photos. How long have you had a passion for photography? What type of images do you like snapping? 

Photography has always been a passion of mine since school, but something I never thought I could do.. It wasn’t until the end of last year that I thought stuff it, i’m giving this a go and it was like an instant fire in me. I knew I had found my passion. My favourite thing to shoot is the ocean and anything on the beach!! I’m obsessed with underwater photography, so you’ll be seeing a lot more of that! 

Model: Laure Myr Captured by: Elle Baillieu

Model: Elyssia Koulouris Captured by: Elle Baillieu

A few quick questions to wrap up: 

What do you love about your Souszy’s?

How comfortable they are!!! They also look amazing are so flattering to any body shape. 

Do you have a favourite colour? 

Black of course - casual and sexy!


If you loved hearing from Elle as much as we did, you can keep up to-date with Elle via her instagram accounts @ellebaillieu @bybaillieu and support the Empty Esky initiative by following @emptyesky

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