What is a Period Ritual and Why Should You Have One?

Even to this day, menstruation remains a rather taboo topic in society, but why should women be shamed for one of life’s most natural occurrences? Previously, societies all across the world would treat this monthly cycle as a sacred rite of femininity.

During her period, a woman was considered to be at her most powerful and sacred state. A woman’s power to bleed without dying was considered a mystical ability. It’s now time to reclaim power over this natural part of life that women endure every month.

Previously, period rituals were tied to notions of religion, magic, and culture. Nowadays, it’s a chance to reconnect with your body and give it some well-needed attention, love, and self-care.


Set Your Intentions 

A natural period consists of a 28-day hormone cycle. This is a perfect time frame to set your intentions for the month and try to work towards them.

Setting your intentions allows you to focus all of your emotional energy on specific tasks or values. They can help you recognize what is truly important to you in life and help you get closer to that end goal.

Intentions can be set towards anything you’d like. You may intend to reach out to a loved one and to reconnect. You may wish to meditate and connect with your higher self instead. Another great intention is to expand your focus and appreciate the smaller things in life.

Whatever you choose, write them down and revisit these during your next period. Reflect, revise, and rewrite your intentions each month.


Home Spa Session

Since periods tend to be a monthly occurrence, this is also a great chance to schedule a well-deserved pampering session. Light your candles, put your favourite playlist on and get ready for a night of pure bliss.

This is the perfect opportunity to use a body scrub and have a long soak in a tub. Many women experience painful cramps during their period. Running a hot bath and massaging your stomach with essential oils can help mitigate the discomfort.

Once you’re out of the bathtub, finish your nightly skincare routine, and change into your comfiest pair of pyjamas. For a full period ritual experience, pop on a pair Nativ Basics’ Comforts panties, which are especially designed to be leakproof. 



We tend to spend most of our lives trying to please, help, or impress others. Take this time to truly focus on yourself. Whether you love meditating, baking, or watching movies, give yourself the luxury of your own undivided attention.

Truth be told, periods tend to be uncomfortable, fatiguing, and overall, very hormonal. Far from magical, many women would rather just get it over and done with.

However, it’s also a natural part of womanhood so we may as well embrace it. Try to make the experience as positive as possible. Take care of your mind and your body by embracing the habit of self-care. What better time to do this than during your period?