Undercover with SENSO

SENSO is a brand that goes without much need for an introduction. The family owned, Austalian-based footwear label is famously known for their beautiful footwear designs that are as comfortable as they are beautiful. If you don't own a pair, you'll know someone who does, or you've seen the brand in-store or pop up on your socials and your favourite magazine. We're so excited to have Senso join the Souszy family with their range of super comfortable, cool & chic slippers and today two of the three Meller sisters Imogen & Skye give us an insight behind their brand! 

Senso Founders at work

Both Ebony & I love your brand, with many of our heels, boots and sandal purchases over the years being Senso - we were super excited when we came across the Idella slides. They are literally a perfect fit for Souszy and compliment our range of sleep & loungewear perfectly! Could you please take us back to how it all began, and how Senso became the iconic fashion footwear brand it is today?

This could take a while! Senso was born when our parents both met over 40 years ago. Senso is really like a member of the family... My parents fourth child that we all grew up with; a family business in its truest sense. As a result we have a very strong connection to the brand and a deep understanding of who our customer is so it was a natural progression for my sisters and I to join and add our skills to what was already a very solid business. Senso has adapted over the years, there have been many pivots when new strengths are recognised and that has allowed us to really carve out our place in the market. There is a lot of experience up our sleeves and we recognise the importance of always adapting and evolving.

How do you ensure you keep the finger on the pulse to uphold being the "go-to" fashion footwear labels in not only Australia, but worldwide?

Our family lives between Sydney & London and (before COVID) we would travel a lot for work and keep an eye on what's going on around the world which is really important. We never settle- fashion is ever evolving so we're always looking for what's next, what's missing, and what is wearable. We like to design to compliment the clothing and lifestyle at the time.

The Idella slides are so comfortable and fluffy - it's like walking on clouds. Where did you draw your Inspiration from for the IDELLA collection?

We love IDELLA and they've become a saviour during the cooler months for those days you just can't be bothered to put on proper shoes- even we have them! They were based off the idea of a bedroom slipper but a 'cooler' more wearable version for the modern girl. We loved the idea of it being an indoor slipper for outdoors, kind of like underwear for outerwear!

Idella Senso Slides
Idella Senso Slides

I'm sure you've had many 'pinch-me' moments over the years! Could you describe how it feels seeing your brand in not only the likes of Vogue, Elle, Grazia & In Style, but also on the feet of celebrities?

There's nothing quite like it- don't think it will ever get old! It's so great to open a magazine or the Sunday paper and see Senso staring back at you! Or to wake up to images of Gigi, Bella or Kendall wearing your shoes and see how they've styled them. There are four girls in our family of all different ages and we've always taken pride in the fact that there's something in our collection for everyone- we could all wear the same pair but we'd wear them in a completely different way to each other. Seeing your favourite influencers style them in all these unusual, cool ways is so fun and inspiring. I mean, we even get excited when we spot someone just walking down the street wearing Senso! It's just nice to see the shoes you've spent so long nurturing through all these stages, from design all the way through to sales, fit testing, production etc, on the feet of someone- it really makes it all worthwhile!

What can our customers expect to see in your upcoming 'INKA IV' collection which we will also be stocking on Souszy?

COLOUR!!! And I think I speak for everyone when I say after the year we've had we need it!

Inka Slippers SENSO
Inka Slides