Undercover with Hollywoods favourite B-Six

B-SIX is the literal definition of an undercover bestfriend!

B-SIX (also known as Bristols6, is your go-to brand that has the solution to every dressing challenge. Their innovative fashion fixes are luxurious while being fully functional, using lingerie quality fabrics that leaves them a step above the rest. Based out of Los Angeles, B-SIX have fast become the preferred line of styling accessories amongst celebrities, and we speak with the team about how B-SIX started and what makes their Nippies range so superior and special. 

We were so excited when we first came across your brand as we found your products to be so unique and different to what's currently in the market! Could you please share with us how it all began?

B-SIX was founded by two Action Sports industry veterans who often found themselves at evening events or on the beach wearing flesh baring clothes that didn’t always want to stay put. Inspired by the lack of style and innovation in a market filled with unattractive, wrinkly bandage-like adhesive foundations, they wanted to create higher quality products that would also look great and appeal to a younger style-conscious customer like themselves.

How did you come up with the name B-Six (or Bristols 6)?

Bristols is the word for ‘breasts’ in cockney rhyming slang, an old british language re-popularized by Guy Ritchie films. Bristols is the word for ‘breasts.’ Since 3 girlfriends were brainstorming at the time – making for a total of 6 breasts. Voila – B-SIX!

How does it feel seeing your brand and range featured throughout the press, on A-list celebs & as a high recommendation from some of the worlds leading stylists?

Our number one priority is product integrity and quality. We are always thrilled when everyone loves our products.

Nippies featured in Rachel Zoe's style kit. 
We love how comfortable the Nippies range is! Before we discovered your brand, we had to wear nipple covers that always felt like our skin was pulling (almost pulling off).. it would be uncomfortable, and by the end of the day, they had pretty much fallen off. But not Nippies! SO what makes the Nippies range so advanced and more comfortable then other brands?

Nippies, unlike all other products in the market, are made from real lingerie-quality fabrics that feel comfortable and look beautiful…with and without your clothes on. Unlike other nipple covers, Nippies stretch and form to curves for a wrinkle-free fit just like a bra. Nippies Skin are the highest quality product made from ultra-thin matte Invisifeel™ silicone for the smoothest coverage possible.

We're on a mission to provide women with an array of lingerie options, and we're so thrilled that we can now offer lingerie-quality nipple covers made from real fabrics. Where did you draw inspiration from for your Nippies Basics & Fashion pieces?
We are always thinking about functional and stylish solutions for any dressing challenge that will keep you feeling confident and looking cool.

What are your top 3 world-wide best sellers?

Nippies Skins, Nippies Basics and Style and Stylin Tape.