The Different Lace Bralettes You Need in Your Drawer and Why

Bralette aka. 'Holiday for the boobs' is an essential in our eyes. Sometimes we just need a bit of support, without the feeling of being restricted by tight straps and underwire. This is why every woman needs at least one lace bralette in their lingerie drawer.

Lace bralettes have become all the rage, both as underwear and outwear. Given their immense popularity, there is now a different type of lace bralette to suit every need, personality, and occasion. Here are our top recommendations and why you need them in your life.

A T-Shirt Bralette

The t-shirt bralette can be considered the comfiest in your collection. This is the hassle-free choice that feels like you aren’t even wearing anything underneath.

These lace bralettes give you all the support you need, without any of the strain. They often provide fuller coverage and can even be worn just by themselves (like a t-shirt).  

Some of our favourites include the Pret A Porter Bralette in Moon Ivory and the Brooklyn Midline Bralette in Nette Rose.


A Racer Back Bralette

If you love showing off those shoulders, but you can’t stand the constant struggle of having to readjust your strapless bra, look no further than a racer back bralette.

These look more flattering under clothes than your typical racerback or strapless bra because the lace sticks to you as smoothly as a second layer of skin.

Shop for this style at Souszy with the Never Say Never Racer Back Bralette in White or the June Padded Bralette in Northern Sea.


An Extra Supportive Bralette

Many girls who have been blessed with bigger busts are mistaken in thinking that bralettes aren’t an option for them.

You can still wear lace bralettes if you have a bigger bust, you all need is an extra dose of support. Look for half-cup bralettes or lace bralettes with added length bands and more hook closures.

The Pret A Porter Curvy Longline Bralette in Moon Ivory and the Pebble Half Cup Bralette are excellent options if you need an additional boost.


A Sexy Bralette

Just because bralettes are extremely comfortable, doesn’t mean that they can’t be extremely sensual as well.

Browse for sexy bralettes at Souszy with the Aphrodite Bralette or the Sunday Softcup Bralette and don’t forget the matching undies…


A Funky Bralette

Last but definitely not least, every girl needs a funky bralette in their lingerie collection. 

Funky bralettes can have anything from bright colours to loud patterns and unconventional fabrics. These look great peaking underneath your clothing and styled with slightly open shirts.

Our favourite funky bralettes here at Souszy include the Reggipetto Bralette in Zebra print and the Juniper Midline Bralette.


There are hundreds of bralettes out there to choose from. All are incredibly versatile and can be styled in countless ways.

Lounge around at home on a Sunday night with your favourite comfy bralette or surprise your partner during date night with a sexier option. The question is finding the right fit for you.