Five Lingerie Trends That Will Define 2021

Like any other sector of the fashion industry, the world of lingerie is constantly in flux, as trends come and go with the seasons. Good foundations start from the ground up, and when you're getting dressed in the morning lingerie is the foundation that your outfit is built on. It's the first layer you slip into every morning, setting the mood for the day. Like Alice Temperley once said, 'lingerie is that inner, secret glamour' and we couldn't agree more. 

Not sure where to start? We have compiled a list of five lingerie trends that are sure to dominate your underwear drawer this 2021. 

Comfortable Classics

When you’re working from home all day, you want to feel as comfortable as possible. This means high waisted undies and wireless bras. Classic silhouettes have been given a modern twist with lightweight and breathable fabrics.   

Comfort is key and, surprisingly enough, there is no fabric cosier than bamboo, shop for Comfortable and Classic Lingerie sets with the Bowie Range at Souszy.  


Sustainable Sets

A major trend this year is making sustainability sexy again. Don’t throw away your money by purchasing lingerie that will start to fall apart after two machine washes. Fast fashion is riddled with environmental consequences, cheap materials, and fleeting fads.  

Brands like Le Buns offer customers a more sustainable way to shop for their lingerie. Shop their Organic Cotton Lingerie line at Souszy in BlackStoneRose, or Ivory


Nineties Nostalgia

What goes around, comes around, and the same goes for fashion trends. The 90s showcased a lot of animal print, high leg briefs, and lace camisoles. 

Nineties nostalgia can be interpreted in more way than one, some reminiscent pieces that our customers love include the Lace Camis and the Pebbles 90’s Knickers from Nette Rose.    


Eclectic Embroidery

Eclectic and embroidered lingerie comes in all types of fabrics and styles. Bright colours like baby blue, barbie pink, and mint green are also in this season, so mix up the trends for a complete show-stopping look.  

Shop this trend at Souszy with the Molly Underwire BraDahlia Cup Bralette, or the Aphrodite Underwire Bra.


Mesh Bodysuits

Mesh bodysuits are extremely comfortable and shockingly sensual. What’s even better is that you can style them as outerwear too. These bodysuits are flattering with jeans, pencil skirts, shorts, or simply by themselves. 

Shop for Mesh Bodysuits at Souszy with the MalaCarolina BalconetteTallulah Teddy, or the Jeanne Halter bodysuit.


In the past, underwear was designed for the male gaze. Thankfully times have changed. Lingerie now strives to be comfortable and empowering at the same time. It’s crafted with consideration for all body types, not just a size zero.

Exciting developments are happening in the world of lingerie. If you are a fan of feeling confident underneath your clothes, as well as in your clothes, make sure to check out some of the hottest underwear trends of 2021.