Undercover with Damn Gina

Thanks to Damn Gina's signature silk hair wraps we finally understand why it's called a 'Beauty Sleep'. These turbans know how to get curly hair to behave and extend the life of your killer blow-wave. We sat down with Sue, the founder of Damn Gina to find out how the brand was born, how she came up with the name Damn Gina, why her silk products are so damn good and more! 
Your Damn Gina silk hair accessories are the real deal! Being a curly haired girl your silk turban has been a game changer in taming the mane. Could you please take us back to how it all started, how was Damn Gina born?

Starting Damn Gina has been a personal journey for me. Being a curly girl, most part of my adult life, I did not know how to care for my curls. I used heat and chemicals to straighten it all the time. This was until I discovered curly girl method - a step to step guide that educates on handling textured hair. This was the turning point where I started incorporating products and techniques that help my hair and started loving the results. But there still was a disconnect - my hair would fall flat the second day and that's when the idea of a "bonnet - but make it cool" came in to existence.

We love the name! How did you come up with 'Damn Gina'?

It is a phrase from the 90s TV show Martin - and is kind of a cool kids slang these days to compliment someone when they look good! Back in 2018, I came across an article probably on Buzzfeed about the new viral words and phrases to know and that's where Damn Gina was listed. I loved it and thought it can be a cool name for a cool business. I have this habit of looking up domain names of the words I like and if it is available I register it. I did the same and can now safely say - best thing I ever did! Having said that I would like to think Gina is my alter ego. She is all things I am not. A woman of the world - a grand diva from the 70s who lived in Paris, partied in New York and hobbled around her sea facing bungalow wearing lavish dresses, with larger than life curls, throwing festive dinner parties for the likes of Stevie Wonder, Andy Warhol and many of her on again and off again partners.

How have you found the response from customers around your Damn Gina range?

I am very grateful for the amazing, positive response from our customers. We launched two days before Black Friday back last year and we so far we have had a lot of good feedback. The bright colours have been a hit - as not many silk brands work with new colours as we did. I think that definitely helped set us apart - along with the quality and the make of our products.

How does silk help tame frizz?

Silk is a natural fibre that is mainly made of amino acids and proteins that are good for our skin and hair. The smooth weave of satin also reduces the friction and thus minimising the frizz.

What are the benefits of your signature silk hair turbans?

Our signature silk turbans helps you reduce the time you spend on refreshing hair every morning. The hair is smoother, curls intact, minimised frizz and sometimes helps in creating more volume! The turbans have a 27 momme silk inner layer and an organic cotton out layer with a soft and comfortable elastic around that helps it keep in place. With ample space for your curls and freshly blowdried hair, the turbans aid in healthy hair and is a must- have for every woman - curly or otherwise.

Which colours have been most popular?

Tough one! Cinnamon has been a constant top seller closely followed by Black/Green.

Did you know:
The Hair Turban can double up as a chic fashion accessory and can be worn outdoors!