Timeless and Tantalizing: Lingerie Through the Decades

Lingerie has formed a part of our society since the 1800s. What began as a garment designed to preserve the modesty of women has since evolved to become something more poignant - a form of self-empowerment.

Wearing lingerie is nowhere near as mundane as popping on a pair of ordinary underwear. It’s a way for women to exude confidence even when nobody is privy to the reason why. However, like society and culture, lingerie too, has evolved over the decades.

The 1920s: The Slip


Up until the 1900s, the most iconic shape in the world of lingerie was the corset. However, the desired hourglass figure was replaced by a more boyish and androgynous silhouette.

Loosely fitting slip dresses became popular amongst women of the 1920s and they were often paired with over-the-knee stockings.

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The 1940s: The Underwire Bra


The underwire bra began to gain popularity after post-WWII metal shortages culminated. This decade was also revolutionary in the world of undergarments as the first strapless bra was invented.

These designs gave women the ability to wear more revealing necklines whilst offering them both comfort and support.

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The 1960s: The Era of Rebellion


Although many women burnt their bras as an act of defiance and rebellion during this decade, others embraced girly and playful lingerie designs.

Think floral patterns, pastel colours, ruffles and frills.

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The 1980s: The Cone Bra


The cone bra was worn in both the 40s and 50s, but when the pop icon Madonna wore hers proudly in the 80s, this fashion trend came back into style.

Loud metallic colours and eye-catching fabrics were also prevalent during this decade.

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The 2000s: Less is More


This era in fashion was marked by the ethos of ‘less is more’. This meant tiny jeans, tiny tops, and of course, tiny underwear.

Celebs like Christina Aguilera and Lil’ Kim flaunted their G-strings on the red carpet.

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Although it’s still too early to say what the 2020s will hold, we predict a focus on sustainability.

Not only does the style of lingerie change over the decades, but so does the definition of what it means to look, feel and be sexy. Thankfully, society is progressing towards a more inclusive and diverse definition of what it means to be sexy.

Whether you are naturally skinny, curvy, tall, or short, you are beautiful in your own unique way. Confidence and beauty stem from within, however, a tantalizing lingerie set can help these characteristics shine.