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Article: It's A European Romance with Adete The Label

It's A European Romance with Adete The Label

The beautiful silk intimates brand Adete The Label is known for their evoking a sense of european romance with their feminine, floral pieces designed for women to feel beautiful and comfortable in. Founder of Adete, Caitlin Foster, shares with us the story behind her brand and inspiration for her collection. 

We've fallen in love with your beautiful, romantic intimates. Could you please take us back to how you started Adete The Label?

It all started with my love for print design and a desire to create feminine and romantic pieces for women to feel beautiful in. I studied fashion design at university then worked in the ecommerce space of the industry for the next four years. After learning and developing in other brands I finally decided to take the plunge and start my own. I’ve always loved florals and vintage prints and felt that there was a gap in the market for beautiful prints in intimates, so I set out to create pieces to fill that purpose.

What's the inspiration behind the name 'Adete' The Label?

My grandma was always one of my biggest supporters. She taught me to sew, encouraged me through my fashion degree and would always ask when she was going to see my designs up on the runway! I wouldn’t be where I am today without her, so I named the brand in honour of her, using her middle and last names to come up with the name Adete.

Your first four designs in your collection are beautiful. Where did you draw your inspiration from when creating these pieces?

The goal was to create styles that were designed for comfort and longevity. I drew inspiration from lingerie past and present, looking at vintage styles and shapes that could still be relevant today. Then adding elements like the elastic waists and tie detailing to create designs that could be tailored to each wearer. The focus was not only to create enduring styles, but also comfort. The kind of pieces that would be investments for years to come.

Why was it important for you to design each piece out of silk?

With Adete I wanted to create comfortable luxury, and what feels more luxurious than silk! It was really important to me to only use natural fabrications in my designs, both from a sustainability point of view but also to maintain breathability and comfort in the designs. The prints really lent themselves to a soft delicate fabrication and I wanted to create those treat yourself kind of pieces that feel just as beautiful as they look.

Your brand is dedicated to designing intimates that make women feel beautiful. Do you think intimates play a big role in women's self confidence?

I think intimates definitely play a role in women's self confidence. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who loves herself and feels comfortable in her own skin. Lingerie and loungewear are those kind of intimate pieces, that aren’t for show but are personal purchases, something just for you. They have the incredible power of allowing women to feel beautiful and sexy not only in their home but in their own bodies and I think that is something really special.

You can shop Caitlin's brand Adete The Label here

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