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Article: Four Body Positive Lingerie Influencers You Should Know About

Four Body Positive Lingerie Influencers You Should Know About

The fashion industry has a long way to go in so many respects, but there's no doubt it's become far more inclusive and diverse in recent years. These four ladies are just some of the kick-ass influencers making sure this change continues, spreading body positivity in spades and helping others tune into their confident energy.


Ashley Graham (@AshleyGraham)

No body positive list would be complete without an honourable mention to Ashley Graham. She’s one of the most internationally recognised and acclaimed curvy models of our time, after all!

Her modelling career kicked off in the early 2000s, and she’s since been featured on the pages of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle magazine. She’s a pioneer in the field and champions the notion that sexy is a state of mind, not the size on a label. 



Olivia Campbell (@CurvyCampbell)

Olivia Campbell is a London based model dominating the pages of Pinterest and Instagram in her lingerie looks. Campbell is unafraid to express her most feminine side in a bold way. 

Not only body-positive model, she also uses her platform to stand up against racial injustices and advocate for mental health. During the pandemic, Campbell wasn’t afraid to showcase her extra lockdown pounds; on the contrary, she brushed it off as ‘a bit more flesh for the sun to bless'. We're getting that tattooed on our foreheads.




Kate Wasley (@katewas_) 

We wouldn’t be doing this list justice without an introduction to our very own Kate Wasley. Kate is a born and bred Aussie residing in her hometown of Perth, WA.

She’s a body-positive model dedicated to transforming the world’s standards of beauty. Not only is Wasley a beautiful model and activist, she’s also a certified personal trainer with several triathlons under her belt.



Nelly London (@_nelly_london) 

Nelly London regularly opens up honest conversations about the realities of social media. She uses her platform to highlight the role that posing and good lighting play in setting unrealistic 'body goals' expectations on Instagram.

One side-by-side comparison, for example, features Nelly flaunting a beautifully posed derriere from two different angles; one where you can see her cellulite, and another where you can't. Posts like this show her mostly female audience that we all have cellulite, or stomach rolls, and other falsely-conceived 'imperfections' at certain angles or in specific lighting. On a feed of perfectly calculated, edited, and refined photos, London’s content is like a breath of fresh air.


These women are all advocates for the fact that beauty isn’t dictated by height, age, or size. Although we still have a lot to improve upon in the fashion world, a short look back to where we used to be can reassure us that we’re on the right path. Thankfully, younger generations now have a more diverse range of celebrities, models, and influences that they can look to for guidance.

At Souszy, we aim to cater to a wide range of beautiful bodies. Check out our selection of intimates and treat yourself to a new set of luxury sleepwear, lace lingerie, or whatever you fancy—you deserve it!

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