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The Nativ Basics 'Comforts' are designed and engineered in Australia for the ultimate lady luxury.
Created with high-performance triple-layer technology these high-waisted, seamless underpants will help comfort you during those “lady moments”, so you can be confident with periods, incontinence and sweat! Our Comforts sit at the natural waist and provide medium coverage through the bum, so you'll barely notice the ultra-thin, built-in liner.
  • Period and Leak Proof Underwear 
  • Seamless and High-Waisted For Extra Comfort
  • Use Fewer Tampons and Pads
  • Inner Layer Made From Carbon Cotton
  • Made from TENCEL™ fabric, which is super soft and luxurious to touch. It is a very specifically designed material that helps regulate temperature, is great at moisture absorption and also odour control.

The Comfort's triple-layer technology has been designed to absorb up to 30mls of liquid and will protect you against leaks. The first inner layer is made from carbon cotton, which has been scientifically proven to be the best option for this delicate area. Cotton is breathable, wicks away moisture and keeps the odours at bay, keeping you dry, comfortable and confident. The second inner layer is our absorbent layer, responsible for holding at least 30mls of liquid. The last and outer layer is the waterproof layer which stops any liquid flowing from the absorbent layer through to the outside of your pants.



















The Nativ Classics range has been designed to deliver the best possible level of comfort. Not only comforting to the skin, but also by adding the assurance that the materials used for the product are sustainably sourced and environmentally conscious.

Not only do the Nativ Comforts keep you comfortable and confident during those sometimes difficult times of your personal life, choosing Nativ Comforts is a decision that will help our planet in a very difficult time that we are all facing together.

Rubbish and particularly plastic is responsible for the mass degradation of our oceans, waterways and many important ecosystems. The generation from tampons, pads, and panty-liners along with their packaging generate more than 200,000 tonnes of waste per year, making it a major contributor to the issue. We at Nativ believe that this is an avoidable outcome, and by choosing Nativ Comforts you are contributing to the minimisation of these serious environmental concerns.

The Nativ Comfort range has been designed to deliver the best possible level of comfort at times when lady’s need it most. They offer an alternative solution to tampons, pads and panty liners that deliver the personal comfort of high-quality material on the skin, the confidence of knowing you are protected from leaks and marks, as well as the ethical comfort of being environmentally conscious and minimising waste. 

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