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Pure Mulberry Pillowcase


Don't just sleep, beauty sleep!

We also know busy girls like you love multi-benefit, multi-bang-for-your-buck products, so here are all the reasons you will never sleep on a cotton pillowcase again:

1. Farewell to Frizziness: The tight weave used to create our silk pillowcases reduces friction against your hair, meaning less split ends, less breakage, less root pulling and more shiny, silky, frizz-free locks.

2. Au Revoir to Wrinkles: Less friction against the skin also means no more evil sleep creases which can cause permanent wrinkles while you sleep.

3. Sayonara to Dry Skin: Silk is less absorbent than other textiles so your natural oils (including the 101 potions you applied before bed) can stay on your skin and hair working their magic while you sleep.

4. So long to Allergies: Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, so you can breathe easy knowing it has a natural resistance to gross things like dust mites, fungus, mould and other allergens.

Also, we are pretty sure Oprah would never sleep on cotton...

Includes 1 x Standard Pillowcase – 48cm x 73cm.

Materials: 100% pure, 22 momme mulberry silk (High-Grade 6A).

We know it can be tricky sometimes choosing the right size for your camis, bralettes and knickers. Below you can see exactly how to take your measurements. Cross check those measurements to our size chart and choose your perfect Nette Rose size!


Steps for measurements:
1. Measure your bust at nipple height.
2. Then measure your underbust, right under your breasts.
3. Take your waist measurement at your navel.
4. Your hips are measured at the thickest part of your hips and butt.

measurements in cmXS XL 
bust83 - 8787 - 9191 - 9595 - 9999 - 103
under bust 70 - 7474 - 7878 - 8282 - 8687 - 92
waist 54 - 6663 - 7667 - 8075 - 9083 - 104
hips85 - 9494 - 10399 - 108102 - 115107 - 125

All the measurements above are in cm.

To keep your lingerie pieces in beautiful shape, it’s important you take good care. Hand wash your intimates in warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly and lay flat to dry out of direct sunlight. We recommend a very mild soap.

If you are a babe on the go and the washing machine is your best friend, we feel you but your intimates won't be loving you! If you must machine wash them, it is best on a cold wash on a delicate cycle with very mild detergent and in a laundry bag. Please make sure you do not mix colours in the wash.

If you have any questions please email

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