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Receive exclusive Souszy benefits when you shop, be the first to know of new brand and product launches, and receive club-only access to sales & rewards.

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Be Rewarded

The more Comfort Coins you have in your account, the more the rewards! When you have enough Comfort Coins you unlock rewards:

10% Off: 300 Comforts Coins
15% Off: 500 Comfort Coins
20% Off: 1000 Comfort Coins
25% Off: 2000 Comfort Coins

Earn Comfort Coins

The Comfort Club's reward system is built using Comfort Coins. Earn 1 Comfort Coin for every $1 you spend with us. There are other ways you can also earn:

Create an account: 100 Comfort Coins
Refer a friend: 200 Comfort Coins
Review your purchase: 100 Comfort Coins
Follow us on Instagram: 50 Comfort Coins
Like us on Facebook: 50 Comfort Coins
Complete your profile: 10 Comfort Coins
Have a birthday: 100 Comfort Coins

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Prepare to feel comfortable,
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