What to Gift the Trustworthy Taurus In Your Life

The chaotic and high-speed Aries season has quickly been replaced by a steadier and more tranquil pace. Those born between April 19th up until May 20th are said to be characterized by the second sign of the zodiac - Taurus.

Taurus is an Earth sign represented by the symbol of the bull. Earth signs are set apart from the other elements for being grounded, stable, and ultimately unwavering. Unlike fire signs, these signs are slow to anger, however, they aren’t to be messed with.

Ruled by the planet of Venus, which represents love and beauty, Taurus is also fond of high-quality materials and the more indulgent pleasures of life. This Earth sign takes the time to truly enjoy the little things in life, whether that be the smell of freshly brewed coffee or the feeling of silky-smooth fabric on their skin.

Taurus is the bull of the zodiac, representing determination, focus, and a hefty amount of stubbornness too. The mighty Taurus revels in its own strength, however, it also enjoys lazing around, quality experiences, and indulging in great tasting food.


Those born under this sign definitely love the finer things in life, however, above all, they appreciate tokens of genuine love and affection. If you have a trustworthy Taurus in your life and you want them to feel special, here are some great gift ideas…

Fluffy Slippers

If a Taurus were to live by any motto it would be ‘comfort is key’, and what can be comfier than the feeling of walking on clouds? No, we aren’t talking about a miraculous event, we’re talking about our range of fluffy slippers.

Our Senso slippers come in a variety of colours and two different types of materials. Once you slip these on, we guarantee you’ll be wearing them all day and all night.

For the bougier Tauruses we recommend the faux fur Idealla Slipper in Champagne or Ebony. For those who cherish a more laid-back look, the Inka Slipper in Sky or Ice is sure to go down a treat. 


Matching Pyjamas and Eye Mask

Some days are lazier than others, but all days require a fantastic set of high-quality PJs. Lounging around in a comfortable yet cute set of pyjamas is a feeling unlike any other.

The Lucia print comes as a Camisole Dress, Night Shirt, Long Pyjama Set, or Boxer Set along with the matching Lucia Eye Mask

Wanderluxe specifically uses bespoke fabrics to enhance the luxurious feel of their products - a fact that is sure to make any Taurus drool.


Earthy Green Underwear Set

What better colour to tempt a Taurus than a beautiful earthy green?

For our Taurus babies, we’ve picked out the new Lara Brief and Bralette from Love Stories in the colour olive. This underwear set is both girly and sensual, all whilst keeping you comfortable.     

Similarly, the Love Lace Bralette and matching Linda Thong in a pale green hue is another perfect present for the Taurus in your life.