What to Gift the Lively Gemini in Your Life

We begin Gemini season in May 20 and remain in this tumultuous period until June 20. Gemini is one of the most playful, spontaneous, and lively signs of the zodiac. This brings a contrasting change after the slower, more tranquil, pace of Taurus season.   

Symbolised by the image of twins and the roman numeral for two, many people are often mistaken in thinking that Gemini is representative of being two-faced or of dual character. In reality, this sign is changeable and adaptable to the situation at hand.

Gemini is an Air sign, who alongside Libra and Aquarius, is considered adventurous, inquisitive, and a great thinker. This sign is ruled by Mercury which is the planet that commands communication, information, and technology. This gives Gemini a highly intellectual and cerebral edge.

In other words, you could find a Gemini schmoozing up to others at a party, or you could find them curled up in bed with a great book. Most people born under this sign tend to have a larger-than-life personality, they love expressing their opinions and indulging in some good gossip.


If one thing is for sure, they aren’t afraid to stand out of the crowd and let their character shine. However, they can also come across as detached and hard to read, so if you have a Gemini in your life, and you have no idea what to gift them, here are some ideas!      

Bright Lingerie Set

A bright and colourful lingerie set is the perfect gift to match the personality of a loud and vivacious Gemini. Geminis are a bit quirky, so don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Think of bold patterns, vivid textures, and loud colours.

We recommend an underwear set like the Frankie Briefs and Underwear Bra in Yellow. If your Gemini is extra adventurous, finish off the look with a Bambi Body Harness from Lorena Calderon Intimates.


Matching Mask and Bandana  

With the coronavirus pandemic, this year has been a whirlwind of emotions. Although we are already beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Wearing a mask is the prudent thing to do, even if infection rates are low. Gift your loved one a matching mask and bandana so that they can stay safe yet stylish at the same time. We love the fashionable face masks from G.F Label and the patterned bandana to match.

Festival Pack    

Sometimes the best gifts are experiences rather than items themselves. Treat your charming Gemini to a festival in the sun. This way you get the best of both worlds, you put a smile on your friend’s face, and you get to enjoy the present together.

Rather than buying them a ticket to their favourite festival, make the present extra special. Get a group of girlfriends together to celebrate; design your own makeshift voucher and wrap it up in some cute packaging. Make a cheese board, tie up colourful balloons, play some tunes and have some fun dressing up. If you want to get into the festival vibe, try to coordinate your outfits and include some star-shaped nipple covers for a full festival look.